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Joint Meeting – Last of 2018/2019!

We recently had our last meeting of this academic year. Because it was our final meeting, it was joint between groups 1 and 2. In this meeting we had a guest speaker, David Lyreskog, come speak about his project and the new digital game being developed as part of the BeGOOD team. We also discussed… Read more »

Coding, Artificial Intelligence and More!

In February we coded interviews from a NEUROSEC study which explored young people’s perspectives on genetic testing for Alzheimer’s disease. Specifically, we went through the interviews and coded for where the participant would like to be tested (doctor, home, research group), the social support the participant was interested in having with them (friend, family), who… Read more »

Language, coding and campaigning

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the Young People’s Advisory Group (YPAG), as we enter our second year! We marked this milestone at our meeting on Saturday, where reunited after the summer, we knuckled down to work on some very exciting projects. We began by discussing the Generation R glossary. I know myself how difficult… Read more »

Planning for iCAN and a new study

12 May sadly commenced our final Young Person’s Advisory Group (YPAG) meeting of the year, and though most of us hope to carry on, some members maybe leaving us, meaning that new members will also be joining us, bringing fresh ideas and perspectives to the team as a whole. Although this was our final session of… Read more »

Big questions, exciting ideas, and a delicious cake

Hi everyone, With half-term leading to depleting numbers, a reasonable turnout managed to traipse their way to Jesus College for an exciting afternoon of brainstorming and cake. The first item on our agenda was to create potential ‘big questions’ for Oxplore, a nifty project created by Oxford University to engage young people in complex debates… Read more »

Apps, Games and Mental Health: A Visit with Radboud University

With applications on phones and tablets becoming a staple of our lives, along with the massive influence social media has on the lives of young people, this was the focus of our most recent meeting. To do so, we met with Isabela Granic and Anna Lichtwarck-Aschoff from Radboud University, the Netherlands ( Initially, we explored how young… Read more »

Curious about Group 2’s latest meeting? Read here!

On the 10th of June YPAG Group 2 met for the second time to discuss issues concerning mental health of young people and aid in the development of several scientific studies conducted by talented researchers. Corpus Christi Collage was the location of this session, which is the same venue we used in the last meeting; like… Read more »

Statistics and Studies – a YPAG Meeting Summary

Hi everyone! I’m Ed, a member of the Young People’s Advisory Group writing committee, blogging about all the exciting stuff the YPAG get up to… Our most recent meeting was divided into two parts. Firstly, we embarked on a training session in research. We delved into issues surrounding young people participating in studies – for… Read more »