Joint Meeting – Last of 2018/2019!

We recently had our last meeting of this academic year. Because it was our final meeting, it was joint between groups 1 and 2. In this meeting we had a guest speaker, David Lyreskog, come speak about his project and the new digital game being developed as part of the BeGOOD team. We also discussed an upcoming conference about immersive media and young people.

In David’s group, we were asked to give input on a set of ethical dilemmas, which are being developed to be part of a digital game. The topic was “early prediction in mental health”, and the group gave feedback on the content and structure of the dilemmas, and the overall vibe of the game’s story. More specifically in the project, we looked at how and when young people express their identity, between both online-offline, and public-private.

These sessions were particularly helpful in identifying how young people express their authentic identity in public, physical spaces. The offline-public bracket has been difficult for David’s group in game development, and we hope that the YPAG helped with this issue, and to understand what counts as a public space for young people.

Overall, this was a great way to finish our second full year in the YPAG. We celebrated by having ice cream and reflecting on the past two years. Some of us are going away to university next year, while others are staying in secondary school. Regardless, we look forward to what next year will bring!