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The YPAG Returns from Summer Break

Earlier this month, a smaller-than-usual YPAG group had its first meeting of the academic year. Our guest speaker from the previous session, David Lyreskog, a researcher in the BeGOOD team, returned to recount just how much progress had been made with the development of the new digital game. Now the game is nearly finished, and… Read more »

Social Media and Identity

In our March meeting we discussed the digital diaries results! It’s really exciting to continue with this project and also think about how we will disseminate the study findings in an exciting way to make sure young people will read them. Next we discussed a case where Facebook has been using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to… Read more »

Joint Holiday Meeting!

Today was a very special meeting as we joined up with the Mental Health YPAG  group! First, we met with representatives from the Oxford Cognitive Health Clinical Research Facility. A Clinical Research Facility (CRF) is a dedicated space where experimental medicine research studies are conducted. In Oxford we have a cognitive health CRF, which provides… Read more »

Celebrating One Year of YPAG

The 10th of March saw another exciting meeting of the YPAG working on a range of ideas. The day began with considering how best to reach a large and varied audience of young people for the dissemination of a campaign about an upcoming mental health report. Creating social media videos and contacting celebrities and vloggers… Read more »

Apps and Games

On the 9th September, with bright eyes and the end of holidays approaching us, we returned from summer and headed straight into discussion about the use of games in bioethics and mental health apps, which we’ve tested over the last few weeks. After being spoken to by BeGOOD summer placement students, Abi Robinson and Robyn… Read more »

YPAG Group 1 met again!

Hello everyone, We are Arianna and Gabi, YPAG facilitators, and here is an update on our latest YPAG meeting, which took place on the 24th of June at the Mathematical Institute. During the first half of the meeting, we were pleased to have Elizabeth Nuthall, Lucy Palmer and Triona Cassey from the Department of Psychiatry.… Read more »

Our first meeting

Welcome! My name is Nellie and I’m part of the Writing Committee for the Young People’s Advisory Group. The young people’s advisory group is a community determined to discover the personal ideas and observations of young people regarding scientific and ethical issues. In our first meeting we discussed the topic of research… We explored the… Read more »