Tracing Tomorrow


Alongside game developers Preloaded we’ve created Tracing Tomorrow, a game that explores how new technologies aimed at tracking and supporting your mental health can impact your life.

Can an algorithm know you better than you know yourself? Who, if anyone should be allowed to track your digital data? A thought-provoking narrative game about how the digital traces we leave behind can impact our lives and future society. Your choices through the game will help our research into the ethics of mental health technologies.

– 10 minute experience

– Optimised for smartphone

– Every experience is individual to the choices you make


– By playing the game you will have your say in research on how digital technologies should be used to improve our lives

– All the choices you make in the game are recorded, completely anonymously. It won’t be possible for you to be identified by them.

– We will use the anonymous data for research purposes only and may use it in academic publications or uploaded online repositories.