Publications that inspire us

Lawrence W. Sherman and Heather Strang (Sep., 2004), Experimental Ethnography: The Marriage of Qualitative and Quantitative Research

The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science Vol. 595, Being Here and Being There: Fieldwork Encounters and Ethnographic Discoveries (Sep., 2004), pp. 204-222 Published by: Sage Publications, Inc. in association with the American Academy of Political and Social Science Stable URL:

Mattingly, C. (2015) Moral Laboratories: Family Peril and the Struggle for a Good Life, California: University of California Press

Motivation for inclusion: Moral Laboratories is Mattingly’s second book, and is the result of her ethnographic work with African-American families raising children in the face of poverty and chronic illness. Mattingly’s work is an excellent example of how an ethical theory like virtue ethics can be operationalized as a theoretical framework, and used in the… Read more »

Pickersgill, M. (2014) Neuroscience, epigenetics and the intergenerational transmission of social life: exploring expectations and engagements Families, Relationships and Societies 3(3): 481-4

Motivation for inclusion: This relatively short paper is an excellent introduction to the idea of ‘social biologies’. In it, Pickersgill explores the ‘social turn’ in biology, explaining how findings in the fields of epigenetics and neuroscience have come to blur distinctions between environment and biology, nature and nurture, as well as clouding the often rigorously… Read more »

Louise Shepherd, Marie. (2011). “Behind the scales: child and family health nurses taking care of women’s emotional wellbeing.” Contemporary Nurse 37.2: 137-148

Motivation for inclusion: Shepherd argues that a system that places high value on reliable measures to demonstrate effectiveness of home visiting is not designed to understand outcomes such as personal relationships, but only tangible ones. Hence, studies lacking an ethnographic component cannot access the situations in which personal relationships can be observed. This article encourages… Read more »