Global Mental Health

On 10th October 2018 the Lancet will launch the Report of the Commission on Global Mental Health at the UK Global Ministerial Summit in London. The Summit brings together government ministers, leading academics, policy makers and people with lived experience to take action globally to improve Mental Health for All.

The Lancet Commission Report highlights the link between mental health and the sustainable development goals; and the importance of tackling these together to create lifelong health and wellbeing.

Professor Ilina Singh, NEUROSEC Principal Investigator, is a Report Commissioner and is also the Academic Lead for the Dissemination Campaign for Young People. The Young People’s Campaign advocates for the values, preferences and experiences of young people to be integrated into policy goals and actions in Global Mental Health.

BeGood’s Citizens:EIE project, in partnership with NCD Child, has brought together a global network of young people from 15 countries to lead and develop the Young People’s Campaign. #My Mind Our Humanity mobilises young people globally to speak openly about mental health and the improvements they want to see in local support and services. Young Leaders and BeGOOD team members will attend the UK Summit on Global Mental Health.

Join MyMindOurHumanity and find out what supporters would like to change to improve global mental health #TheWorldNeeds

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Lancet Commission launch in Nigeria

Young leader published in journal of South African Psychiatry

Chantelle has an article on the Global Mental Health Summit in London in September published in the journal of South African Psychiatry.

Accelerating Country Action on Mental Health

Photos from the forum in October for the Mental Health Gap Action programme hosted by the World Health Organisation (WHO) focusing on accelerating action on Mental Health. Tarek spent time discussing with other stakeholders progress on the WHO Mental Health Action plan 2013-2020.