Sharing our experiences of co-design #iCANSummit2018

This week YPAG members Oliver Tailby and Saskia Oosterveld join Jessica Lorimer (the Research Assistant for BeGOOD: Citizens) for the annual iCAN Research and Advocacy Summit. iCAN’s fourth annual summit is taking place July 9-13, 2018 in Edinburgh, with approximately 200 attendees. This includes youth advisers and families, industry professionals and scientific leaders from countries… Read more »

A new work experience student joins BeGOOD Citizens

This week Clara, a local student, joined BeGOOD on a work experience placement. The project hosts students to involve young people in co-designing and delivering elements of our research studies. This week she’ll be helping to design materials for one of our studies, code some data and plan for a campaign. She’s also presenting at… Read more »

BeGOOD Student Placements begin

Please join us in welcoming Lamis Hamdi and Kennagh Marsh to the BeGOOD EIE team for their student placement. If you are interested in learning more about our placement programme, click here. Lamis Hamdi Lamis is a second-year medical student at Oxford University, and excited to get started this summer on NEUROSEC’s project on the ethics of predictive genetic… Read more »

Welcome to BeGOOD’s new Work Experience Student

This week Samantha began a week-long work experience programme on the BeGOOD Citizens Project at the University of Oxford. She is focusing on Digital Diaries including recruitment to the study and learning about the wider research of Neuroscience, Ethics & Society.  For more information about the BeGOOD project, click here. Samantha is studying the European Baccalaureate,… Read more »

Opportunities and Perils of Extremely Early “Autism” Intervention

Autism, Parent-Blaming and False ‘Cures’ Once again the mainstream autism field risks blaming parents for the cause of autism. This time, through studies often funded by relative-led organisations. The “refrigerator mother” hypothesis blamed supposedly cold parenting for autism. Some of the families who were socially isolated and even split apart by this way of thinking… Read more »