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Early Intervention: Justice for babies?

When deliberating on the many claimed benefits for early intervention services a number of ethical questions arise: – Why should the government invest in early intervention programmes? – Why is early intervention ‘right’? – Why is early intervention ‘good’? These inquiries seek to uncover the arguments behind the current UK government’s commitment to early intervention.… Read more »

Rights, Choices and the Law: Reflections on the ‘Policing Pregnancy’ Conference

On Wednesday 13th April I was fortunate enough to attend ‘Policing Pregnancy: A one-day conference on maternal autonomy, risk and responsibility’, held at the Royal College of Physicians, London. The conference examined current behavioral advice given to pregnant women – particularly concerning alcohol consumption and obesity – and how this advice reflects a growing tendency… Read more »

Mattingly, C. (2015) Moral Laboratories: Family Peril and the Struggle for a Good Life, California: University of California Press

Motivation for inclusion: Moral Laboratories is Mattingly’s second book, and is the result of her ethnographic work with African-American families raising children in the face of poverty and chronic illness. Mattingly’s work is an excellent example of how an ethical theory like virtue ethics can be operationalized as a theoretical framework, and used in the… Read more »

Pickersgill, M. (2014) Neuroscience, epigenetics and the intergenerational transmission of social life: exploring expectations and engagements Families, Relationships and Societies 3(3): 481-4

Motivation for inclusion: This relatively short paper is an excellent introduction to the idea of ‘social biologies’. In it, Pickersgill explores the ‘social turn’ in biology, explaining how findings in the fields of epigenetics and neuroscience have come to blur distinctions between environment and biology, nature and nurture, as well as clouding the often rigorously… Read more »

Babies Behind Bars

How does spending the early years in prison impact upon a child’s life chances? And what are the alternatives? Prison Reform and the UK Government   A sad but true fact is that last year there were 100 babies in our county living in a prison […] When we know the importance of the early… Read more »