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Challenging the Challenge: No Moral Judgment nor Infant Determinism from an Ethnographic Perspective

Introduction Many years ago I heard a teenager screaming to her mother “You are a worm that enters the brain of your own child to drive her crazy!” In those days, blaming mothers for the mental health of their offspring was still a rather private business. Nowadays, the subject has entered the public debate, “in… Read more »

From Romania with Neuromania

The Nobel Prize winners David Hubel and Torsten Wiesel demonstrated that kittens deprived of sensory input in one eye at birth remained permanently blind in that eye.  The story of a blind kitten certainly tugs at the heart strings, but Hubel and Weisel, did not only demonstrate the irreversibility of the damage in the shut… Read more »

Maggio, R., Experimental Ethnographies of Early Intervention: The need for an integrated top-down approach, ABSTRACT accepted for conference

Abstract accepted at the workshop on ‘Critical Medical Anthropology Workshop’, Oaxaca, Mexico, 16-20 January 2017 Abstract: Early interventions in child development and maternal health, according to what is considered to be the “gold standard”, should be conducted alongside a Randomized Controlled Trial tasked with the evaluation of their effectiveness. However, this combination of intervention and… Read more »

Ethnographies of Early Intervention: Maternal and Infant Health and Nutrition, and a case from Indonesia

Excerpt from the paper given at the Newton Fund Research Links workshop, held in Padang, Sumatra, Indonesia from August 28th to September 2nd 2016, and funded by the British Council. The value of ethnography for early intervention Over the past year, I have made a case for the value of qualitative methods to study early… Read more »

Maggio, R., Early Intervention Ethics: The Impact of External Notions of “Good” Mothering, ABSTRACT accepted for conference

Abstract accepted at the Rags to Riches 2016 Workshop, “Great Expectations? Childhood and Social Mobility”, The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities, 10 June 2016, Exeter College, Oxford Workshop Abstract: The recognition that early childhood care has a crucial role in breaking recursive cycles of inequality has resulted in the widespread diffusion of early intervention… Read more »

Louise Shepherd, Marie. (2011). “Behind the scales: child and family health nurses taking care of women’s emotional wellbeing.” Contemporary Nurse 37.2: 137-148

Motivation for inclusion: Shepherd argues that a system that places high value on reliable measures to demonstrate effectiveness of home visiting is not designed to understand outcomes such as personal relationships, but only tangible ones. Hence, studies lacking an ethnographic component cannot access the situations in which personal relationships can be observed. This article encourages… Read more »