Paolo Corsico


Paolo Corsico is a Research Assistant at the Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford. He works on the Early Intervention Ethics in Psychosis (Psychosis: EIE) study under the BeGOOD flagship project.

Paolo holds an undergraduate degree in Philosophy and Human Sciences from UCSC Milan, an MA in Philosophy of Person and Bioethics from UCSC Milan, and an Advanced European MSc in Bioethics from KU Leuven, RU Nijmegen and University of Padova (Erasmus Mundus Master of Bioethics). Since completing his MA he has worked as a junior researcher at the Centre of Bioethics, UCSC on several interdisciplinary research projects in healthcare ethics and regulation.

As a student and a researcher, he has spent most of his life within the fields of bioethics and medical ethics. He has been working with clinicians and researchers, focusing on patients’ needs and on the caring practices involving patients’ families and caregivers. His research interests include healthcare policy, biotechnology regulation, as well as research ethics and integrity.

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