BeGOOD at the International Neuroethics Society 2019

This week saw the annual meeting of the International Neuroethics Society (INS) in Chicago, and researchers from BeGOOD, and the wider NEUROSEC team, were well-represented among those present.

As Program Committee co-chair, Professor Ilina Singh welcomed the attendees from across the world, before later discussing some of the results of the Psychosis:EIE project.


Dr Gabriela Pavarini 

Post-doc Dr Gabriela Pavarini presented the group’s vision of the a new sub-field of study, design bioethics, using purpose-built, engineered tools for empirical bioethics research. As a proof-of-concept, Gabi discussed her experiences in the What lies ahead? study, undertaken with a team of junior international collaborators.


A slide from Gabi’s Talk

Ilina and Gabi were joined by NeuroGene colleagues Drs Rose Musesengwa and Caesar Atuire, and Damian Juma, a Young Leader from the Lancet Commission for Global Mental Health.




Photograph of Gabriela Pavarini at the International Neuroethics Society 2019

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