Young Leaders Launch Online Music Festival

Today, to mark World Mental Health Day, the ‘My Mind Our Humanity‘ campaign, in collaboration with the Caribbean Congress on Adolescent and Youth Health, are launching an online music festival to promote trust and connection through music.

All young people from around the world are invited to participate, by joining the chorus uploading short music performances expressing experiences of TRUST, PEACE, STRUGGLE or PURPOSE. In keeping with the campaign’s aims to bring all young people’s perspectives to the forefront of mental health provision, the festival welcomes every instrument, every style, and every voice. For more information, and to view the current contributions, click here.

Led by Professor Ilina Singh, the BeGOOD project supports the network of global youth leaders at the heart of ‘My Mind Our Humanity’, whose numerous projects share the aim of integrating the values, preferences and experiences of young people into the policy goals and actions in Global Mental Health.



Join @MyMindOurHumanity and share what you would change in global mental health using #TheWorldNeeds

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