This week, Shalom Mammen joins the team at the BeGOOD Citizens EIE project for a summer placement. Welcome Shalom!

Shalom is a fourth/final year undergraduate student studying Neuroscience at the University of Pittsburgh. He has focused his efforts in serving the homeless population and is learning that mental health is an epicentre in different at-risk populations via psychiatric research. He is also interested in the relevant impact policy can have on population health issues. He will be working with the Citizens: EIE team on the Grandchildren of Alzheimer’s Patients and Ethics of Digital Phenotyping projects. Concurrently with his research, he will work on a brief summarising the research, the ethical implications, and further policy-related steps that can be taken to address these topics. He is excited with the opportunity to dive into the intersection of psychiatric research and policy to better serve others.

Photograph of Shalom Mammen

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