The NeurOx young people’s advisory group model

Dr Gabriela Pavarini, Jessica Lorimer, Arianna Manzini, Ed Goundrey-Smith and Professor Ilina Singh published a new research paper  ‘Co‐producing research with youth: The NeurOx young people’s advisory group model’ to share learning and best practice from BeGOOD Citizens EIE work with its young people’s advisory groups. 

You can read the full paper using this link.

In this paper, they provide a step -by -step model, grounded in our own experience of setting up and coordinating the Oxford Neuroscience, Ethics and Society Young People’s Advisory Group (NeurOx YPAG). This group supports studies at the intersection of ethics, mental health and novel technologies. 
Our model covers the following stages: 
  1. deciding on the fit for co-production
  2. recruiting participants
  3. developing collective principles of work
  4. running a meeting and evaluating impact
We emphasize that throughout this process, researchers should take a critical stance by reflecting on whether a co-production model fits their research scope and aims; ensuring (or aspiring to) representation within the group; valuing different kinds of expertiseand undertaking ongoing evaluations on the impact of the group on both the young people and the research. 
Adopting a critical and reflective attitude can increase researchers’ capacity to engage youth in democratic and inclusive ways, and to produce research outputs that are aligned with the target audience’s needs and priorities

You can read the full paper using this link.

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