Seeking an evaluation consultant

BeGOOD is seeking a short proposal from an evaluation consultant for the evaluation of the BeGOOD Enrichment Project, funded by the Wellcome Trust. In partnership with a games development company and youth marketing/insight company, BeGOOD is designing and creating a digital game to engage and educate young people in bioethics of early intervention in mental health, and gather data for research to better understand young people’s values, preferences and experiences. For more information about BeGOOD, please visit our website (


The evaluation project will exist in two parts:

1. providing advice and evaluation expertise to BeGOOD researchers (over the period of April –August 2019), in order to incorporate evaluation capabilities into the digital game

2., evaluating the digital game against its stated aims.



For the brief outlining the project, please email


Proposal process

We would like a short proposal from an evaluation consultant (/team) outlining how they would approach the evaluation and work with the team.

Deadline: for proposal is 28 March 2019 at 12pm.

We’d like the consultant on board as soon as possible to provide advice and guidance as the game is designed and developed.

Budget: £4,500 (including VAT)



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