BeGOOD at the World Congress of Bioethics

Members of the BeGOOD Citizen’s Early Intervention Ethics study attended the 14th World Congress in Bioethics in early December. We are able to share an edited version of Ilina’s presentation on the bioethics of digital tools, discussing whether or not algorithms can care and how digital tools can be created to reflect the ethics and care at the heart of doctor patient relationship in the treatment of psychiatric conditions. Lastly Ilina considers the ethical implications of care-robots in providing care and support to people in dementia care.


Can your phone make you happier? Involving young people in India

At the pre-conference event in the run up to the conference, BeGOOD ran a public engagement workshop ‘Can your phone make you happier? to explore young people’s views, values and preferences about digital tools and platforms providing mental health support and create an opportunity for them to influence the development and dissemination of these tools. We ran the workshop with Pattie Gonsalves (pictured below), Project director at Sangath, and in collaboration with My Mind Our Humanity



Our research

Gabriela Pavarini and Arianna Manzini participated in the conference giving presentations about their latest research. Gabriela presented research on young people’s ethical views on the use of chatbots to provide mental health support. Arianna presented early findings from her thesis investing young people’s attitudes and values to the ethics of autism genomics.

Photos from presentations delivered by Gabriela Pavarini and Arianna Manzini – and Jessica Lorimer’s Poster Presentation titled Agency and Young People’s Moral Self-Understanding in Early Intervention for Psychosis (EIP) Services.


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