Lancet Commission launch in Nigeria

The Nigerian Launch of the Lancet Commission ‘Strategies to revitalise mental health service in Nigeria’ took place in November this year. The Federal Ministry of Health (FMHO) organised the launch event, which was sponsored by World Health Organistaion and CBM based at Ibadan University.

The Lancet panel included Dr. Julian Eaton and Chinwendu Ukachukwu, youth leader from the My Mind Our Humanity campaign supported by BeGOOD Citizens EIE (part of the research group Neuroscience, Ethics and Society). Stakeholders presented evidence for effective mental health reform, and considered ways to respond to the mental health needs arising from the crisis in Northeast Nigeria.

Chinwendu shared this about the event:

“It’s been  interactive, fun and educative as well. Policy makers recognise a need for including young people in decision-making and for more data for decisions especially in budgeting, planning, staffing, and purchase of drugs and other commodities. Stigma is still a major challenge and access hasn’t expanded enough yet, requiring education especially through using social media to increase awareness especially among young people. The launch has helped the government consider young people as a vulnerable group (in their formative years) and link it with sustainable development goals and social economic growth.”

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