Involving young people at the World Congress of Bioethics

Today as part of the pre-conference event for the 14th World Congress of Bioethics in India, Gabriela Pavarini, Arianna Manzini and Jessica Lorimer with Pattie Gonsalves (Project Director, Sangath) ran a workshop to ask young people about whether a phone can make you happier. Increasingly young people are able to use digital technology, like Woebot, Wysa, Your Dost, and Monument Valley, when they are not feeling ok, depressed or anxious. BeGOOD organised the workshop to bring young people together to explore their thoughts, opinion and experiences of digital resources for mental health support, and create an opportunity for them to have a say in the development and dissemination of these tools, considering whether they would use this technology personally or suggest it to a friend. At the workshop young people had the opportunity to try out the most innovative mental health digital tools and discuss their pros and cons in small teams.

The event was a collaboration between BeGOOD, part of Neuroscience, Ethics and Society at the University of Oxford, Sangath, and My Mind Our Humanity.

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