eNurture: mental health in a digital world

This September UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) launched eight new Mental Health Networks to bring together researchers, people with experience of mental health problems, charities, health practitioners and others to promote positive mental health.

Ilina Singh is part of the advisory board supporting the eNurture Network: Promoting Mental Health for Young People in a Digital World. eNurture brings together researchers, charities, broadcasters and tech companies to examine how digital innovations are affecting the experiences and mental health of young people and what support and resources will best help young people, families and schools to promote positive mental health in a digital world.

Overall, the Mental Health Networks aim to improve our understanding of the causes and development of mental health problems and take collective action to improve treatment and support for people experience mental health including how they can benefit better from mental health research. The networks are focusing on key themes: loneliness & isolation, violence & abuse, child and young People’s mental health, mental health in universities and the digital world, social, cultural and community assets for mental health and health inequalities experienced by people with several mental health problems.

Find out more on twitter @UKRI_News #mentalhealthnetworks or from the UKRI.



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