2018 Placement Student Begins Work

Please join us in welcoming Holly Tyroll to the BeGOOD EIE team for a three week placement! If you are interested in learning more about our placement programme from previous years, click here.

Holly Tyroll


Holly Tyroll is currently studying undergraduate Neuroscience at Cardiff University.  Her interest in Neuroscience arose following a Young Doctors’ Summer School, where she received her first insights into neurology and psychiatry.  Since then, she has worked as an assistant to children with severe and complex learning difficulties and met with academics, doctors and patients to learn about various mental health conditions, and the latest developments in their research and treatment.  Her involvement with the NEUROSEC Young People’s Advisory Group, including contribution to a paper exploring the ethical guidelines surrounding chatbot therapy, sparked her interest in the ethical implications of mental health research and its wider impacts in society.  This encouraged her to seek further experience with the NEUROSEC team; she is now on a research internship, working with a focus on the Citizens: EIE projects including Digital Diaries and The Lancet Campaign, and recruiting for various studies within this program.



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