A new work experience team joins BeGOOD

This week we welcome a new work experience team to the BeGood Citizens project. They share their experience so far…

This week we are working in a small team to create a short video advertisement promoting a (fake) company that offers predictive tests for mental health. To improve our video editing and animation skills, we attend an IT course in which we were familiarised with a number of different websites, which are now being put to use. As a group, we were given a lot of autonomy to work on the project, which allowed us to use our creative freedom to direct the advertisement as we saw fit. We are all looking forward to seeing the end result of our hard work, sharing the video and presentation with the rest of the BeGOOD team at the end of the week.

Meet our work experience team


My name is Emma and I am doing my A-Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Maths. I want to progress on to do Medicine at University and so want to understand the ethics of early intervention for young people and learn new perspectives. Thereby being able to make the most educated decisions possible, as well as being aware of the thoughts of others. I am fascinated with biology and especially mental health illnesses, because they have such a significant effect on society and so I would like to gain further understanding of the ethics of treating mental health diseases.


My name Ellen and I am currently in Year 12 studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths at A level. In the future, I would like to go on to study Biomedical Sciences or Neuroscience at university.  I am really excited to be working with the BeGOOD team and learn more about the ethics involved in research.


My name is Milagros and I am studying towards the European Baccalaureate at the Europa School in Oxfordshire. I most enjoy studying English, biology and chemistry. My interests lie with human behaviour and how imbalances of the brain can affect the mental wellbeing of a person and I am motivated at the thought of being able to help others with mental disorders through research. I hope to study neuroscience at university.


I have just sat my A-level exams in Biology, Psychology and Chemistry and plan to go on to study within the scientific field at University in September. I am interested in all things medical and related to human biology and psychology, and am delighted to have the opportunity to work with the BeGOOD team and other like-minded students this summer. I hope that our work has a positive impact on those it effects.


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