Involving young people in research through work experience

Having said goodbye and thank you to Clara a couple of weeks ago, BeGOOD Citizens EIE welcomes Milagros to her work experience placement with NEUROSEC.  During her first week, Millie will collaborate with researchers to design materials for one of our studies, code some data, recruit participants and plan for a mental health campaign we’re planning to launch in September. In the second week of her placement, four more work experience students will join Millie and together they will collectively design and create a team project (more next week!).

Welcome Milagros

Milagros is studying towards the European Baccalaureate at the Europa School in Oxfordshire. She most enjoys studying English, biology and chemistry. Her interests lie with human behaviour and how imbalances of the brain can affect the mental wellbeing of a person. She is motivated at the thought of being able to help others with mental disorders through research, and hopes to study neuroscience at university.

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