BeGOOD Student Placements begin

Please join us in welcoming Lamis Hamdi and Kennagh Marsh to the BeGOOD EIE team for their student placement. If you are interested in learning more about our placement programme, click here.

Lamis Hamdi

Lamis is a second-year medical student at Oxford University, and excited to get started this summer on NEUROSEC’s project on the ethics of predictive genetic testing in Alzheimer’s Disease alongside the rest of the team. Lami is looking forward to working in a team with other members working on the same project, as well as being at the forefront of the fantastic research taking place within NEUROSEC!

Kennagh Marsh

Kennagh Marsh is a second-year medical student at Oxford University, currently completing her Final Honours School research project with Citizens EIE’s Digital Diaries study. Her research interests include the links between the neurological and psychological aspects of mental health disorders, and the influence that such study can have on treatment efficacy. She is excited for the opportunity to combine this with other interests in moral psychology and meta-ethics.


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