BeGOOD Placement Students Begin Work

Please join us in welcoming Abi Robinson and Robyn McMillan to the BeGOOD EIE team for a three week placement! If you are interested in learning more about our placement programme, click here.

Abi Robinson

Abi Robinson is a BeGOOD summer intern working on the Citizens EIE project. She has just graduated with a BA in Experimental Psychology from Oxford University, and will be undertaking a MSc in War and Psychiatry at Kings College London in October. Abi has previously worked with the Department of Psychiatry on a literature review into the use of virtual reality therapy in mental health, and recently undertook a research project into self-criticism in social anxiety disorder. As a student, Abi’s research interests include risk and resilience intervention programs, post-traumatic stress disorder and the future directions of psychosis treatment.



Robyn McMillan

Robyn McMillan is working on the BeGOOD flagship project: Citizens: EIE. She completed her degree in MA Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh and recently completed her BA in Game Design and Production Management at the University of Abertay. Previously, she has worked on various projects which have emphasised the educational and ethical aspects of games. Her research interests focus on the medium of games and their ability to present ethical challenges. Robyn is delighted by the opportunity to utilize this relationship between games and ethics to provide a strong foundation for evaluating moral attitudes.

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