BeGOOD Work Experience Week Begins

Students have begun their week-long work experience programme at the University of Oxford. They will work in a small team to develop innovative, digital methods to better understand teenagers’ moral views and attitudes.  In particular, the team will work on a game or app to explore young people’s moral attitudes related to advances in biomedicine, psychiatry and neuroscience. For more information about the programme, click here.

Nav Aithani

Nav is about to start his Upper Sixth Year at Magdalen College School, Oxford, where he will be studying Theology, English and Spanish. He is fascinated by the foundations of our normative evaluations; the perceived and real reasons we make certain moral choices, and  the possibility of a gap between the two. Along with his A-Level choices he has completed an extended project on this area and believes moral psychology can be a great tool in exploring such questions as: “Why do we understand good and bad as we do?”, “Where and when do we obtain these ideas?” and, “Why we have never been able to agree on them?” Thus, he is thrilled to join the BeGOOD project, which examines exactly these questions through an interdisciplinary approach.

 Jasmine Heelas

Jasmine is a student at Didcot Girls’ School in Oxfordshire. She will be completing her GCSEs next year and would like to take Maths, Further Maths, Biology and Chemistry at A level, as she is passionate about pursuing a scientific career. Due to her interest in improving people’s lives through the study of the body and mind, she aspires to become a medical doctor. She enrolled in the BeGOOD project as it will be a fascinating opportunity to learn about and discuss ethical issues within the scientific community and to gain a deeper understanding of the moral views of others.

 Carla Rudgyard

Carla has just completed her final year in high school, taking A-levels in English, Drama, psychology and creative writing. She is particularly interested in psychology, and considering to study this at university.

James Dixon

James is currently studying Sociology, Business studies and English literature at A-level. He is interested in the causes and effects surrounding morality in regards to wider society. The effects of morality, and the perspectives on said concept are also of keen interest to James, as it highly links with world wide politics and systems of governance, as morality can dictate policy made by governmental institutions. This link between morality and politics highly interests James, as he hopes to be doing a politics related degree at University.

Teni Akintoye

Teni is a student at Townley Grammar School for Girls. She is currently studying Biology, Philosophy and English Literature at A-level. She is interested in studying psychology with neuroscience at university, and is interested in pursuing a career as a clinical psychologist.

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