Service User Experience in Mental Health, 12th May 2017

Conference Organizer: HC-UK

Friday 12th May 2017

De Vere West One, London


Through national updates, lived experience and practical case studies the conference will provide a step by step guide to measuring, monitoring and improving service user experience in mental health services.

Expert sessions will focus on monitoring adherence to the NICE Quality Standard on service user experience in mental health, measuring and monitoring experience in mental health crisis, changing the culture of an organisation, listening and learning from individuals and demonstrating responsiveness to feedback, real time service user feedback, and using always events as a positive approach to always events.

Collecting the data is not enough; we need to be better at understanding it, interpreting it and most importantly acting upon what it tells us. Put simply, the NHS needs to be better at listening and acting on the insight and feedback we gather…We need to move to a place where Insight and feedback are central to the business of the NHS – used as routinely as other data on the quality of care. Decisions at a local and national level need to be informed by and reflect what matters to our patients, staff and service users. Insight data needs to be available to all from senior management, to frontline staff to patients and the public and it must be presented in accessible and transparent ways. Perhaps most importantly insight data has a key role to play in supporting patients’ empowerment in their health and their use of healthcare services.” Dan Wellings Patient Insight Lead NHS England 2016

“Patient experience is at the Heart of the NHS Forward View.” Neil Churchill, Director for Patient Experience, NHS England, and National Quality Board Patient Experience sub-group member 2016

For more information, please check the event website.

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