31st European Conference on Philosophy of Medicine and Health Care: Emerging Technologies in Healthcare, 16th-19th August

Event Organizer:  European Society for Philosophy of Medicine and Healthcare and  Center for the Study of Bioethics (Belgrade)

16th-19th August

Hotel M
Bulevar Oslobođenja 56a
11000 Belgrade


This conference will be organized by the European Society for Philosophy of Medicine and Healthcare (http://espmh.org) and the Center for the Study of Bioethics from Belgrade (www.csb.eu.com). The focus is on New Technologies in Healthcare. The unexpectedly rapid development of various new technologies opens a variety of pressing ethical and philosophical questions. This conference will address these issues. Abstracts in the following categories will be favoured, but submitted abstracts will not have to be confined to them.

New technologies – general: Big data & data analytics Internet of health things at home Smart algorithms analysing wearable data Robotic check-ups Telemedicine Virtual & augmented reality 3D Bioprinting P4 Medicine Nanomedicine

Genomic medicine: Genome sequencing Metagenomics Biobanks Genetic data access Acquisition of genetic data Acquisition of genetic data vs. acquisition of biospecimens vs. acquisition of other health data Online stores providing information about health risks & web platforms with genetic data

Novel therapeutics: Functions of the microbiome Male vs. female Viagra: moral issues Early interventions in the Down syndrome Genetically modified blood cells Life extension of humans and/or animals Synthetic biology Artificial skin and bionic limbs Advanced prosthetics

Gene editing: Curing once incurable diseases Immunity engineering Extermination of disease carrying mosquitoes for humanitarian causes Social aspects of gene editing Gene editing policies Gene editing of healthy human embryos Gene editing and mental diseases

Neuroengineering: Neuroethics Neuroimplants Brain-computer interfaces Optogenetics as a cure for blindness Cognitive and moral enhancements with DCS, TMS and optogenetics Fighting aging with neuroengineering

Enhancement: Cognitive enhancement Moral enhancement Traditional enhancements Safety & efficacy of enhancement Performance enhancement in sport vs. performance enhancement in academia Understanding of “human being” & “human nature”

Please take note of the fact that all the topics should be approached through an ethical and/or philosophical lens. The programme of the conference includes plenary sessions as well as parallel sessions.

Abstract submission:

Anyone wishing to present a paper at the conference should submit an abstract (500 words maximum) before March 1, 2017. The Conference Programme Committee will select abstracts for oral presentation. Please send abstracts by e-mail to: Professor Bert Gordijn, Secretary of the ESPMH, Institute of Ethics (http://www.dcu.ie/ethics/index.shtml), Dublin City University, Dublin 9,
Ireland (E-mail: bert.gordijn@dcu.ie).

For more information on this conference please follow this link.

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