The 7th Cambridge Consortium for Bioethics Education, 3rd-5th July 2017

Conference Organizer: Mark Zadrozny, Publisher, Cambridge University Pres; Thomasine Kushner, PhD, Co-Editor, Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics

Monday 3rd, Tuesday 4th & Wednesday 5th July 2017

Columbia Global Centers, Reid Hall
4 Rue de Chevreuse, 75006 Paris


Your participation in the Seventh Cambridge Consortium for Bioethics Education is important for the advancing goals of our international bioethics community. Although as bioethicists we represent a variety of disciplines, there are certain truths we hold in common: (1) that to further our field rests on the foundation of Bioethics Education and (2) ensuring the strength of this foundation requires a bold look at where we are now and what future directions should be pursued.

In April 2010, Cambridge University Press held the first Cambridge Consortium for Bioethics Education in New York. Leaders in the field were invited to initiate a shared dialogue addressing such questions as: What are we doing? What goals are we trying to achieve? Where is bioethics education taking place? How well are we doing? What’s next?

Tackling those questions and finding practical answers continues to be the aim of our subsequent meetings. To date, delegates from 29 countries have participated in the Consortium meetings and brought their successes – and challenges –in teaching bioethics around the world.

Expanding our work together continues as we focus on “how to” methods of teaching bioethics. Through our collective information and shared experiences we are moving forward as an international community of bioethicists. Come join us.

Abstract submission details:

Participation on the program consists of a variety of formats:

1- Themed sessions on topics listed under “key themes” on this website,
2- Test drives, participants try out teaching activities as they are experienced by learners (see 2015 program page for examples)
3- Synopsis Sessions: Oral presentations of abstracts.
4- Electronic Posters displayed on TV screens through out the meeting (For Guidelines on preparing and submitting see E-Poster page on this website).
Selections are made on the basis of space available and program balance.

Please send your abstract of 250-500 words, no later than December 15, 2016 to Tomi Kushner:

If your abstract is accepted but the organizers determine that it is better suited for a different format, you will be advised. Notification of Acceptance will be February 15, 2017.

Booking: To register, please (1) complete and submit the online registration form and (2) follow instructions for payment by direct wire transfer.

Conference website

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