Neuroethics Network: Going Global and Facing the Future, 19th-21st June 2017

Conference Organizer: Yves Agid, MD, PhD, Scientific Director of the ICM Foundation; Thomasine Kushner, PhD, Co-Editor, Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics

Monday 19th, Tuesday 20th & Wednesday 21st June 2017

Hôpital Pitié Salpêtrière
47, boulevard de l’hôpital – 75013 PARIS – France


Like space travelers, the spectacular technological advances in our knowledge as to how the brain works, is allowing scientists to explore regions that until now have been out of reach. As basic research extends our understanding of what is going on in the brain, that efficiency needs to be increased through translational research, integrating not only the fields of molecular and cellular biology, neurophysiology, and cognitive science but also incorporating neuroethics in order to address issues of values.

The goal of the Neuroethics Network is to expand the dialogue by promoting interdisciplinary interactions. ICM, located on the campus of Hospital Pitié-Salpêtière where researchers, physicians, and patients are brought together under one roof, is an unprecedented meeting point to foster this critical multi-faceted approach.

As neuroethics enters its second decade, the field confronts new techniques and technologies, as well as new – and frequently controversial – clinical treatments. Keeping in mind that the foremost goal is to improve patient care, brain scientists, clinicians, ethicists and legal scholars will address the newest developments and application of: neuroimaging, neurogenomics, predictive biomarkers, neuromodulation, brain-computer interfacing, and neuropsychopharmacology.

Through the latest uses of these approaches, and analysis of paradigmatic cases, discussion will center upon what these advances mean for patients – and society – both at present and in the near future.

Abstract submission details:

Abstracts for E-Posters should be submitted to Thomasine Kushner, (email: before deadline date December 15, 2016.
Notification of acceptance will be received by February 15, 2017. All technical aspects of accepted E-Posters will be managed by Olivier Audy and posters should be sent to him by March 15, 2017.

Booking: To register, please (1) complete and submit the online registration form and (2) follow instructions for payment by direct wire transfer.

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