Dr Rodolfo Maggio will attend a workshop on ‘Maternal and Infant Health and Nutrition in Indonesia’, Padang, 28th August – 1st September 2016

We are delighted to announce that Dr Rodolfo Maggio will participate in the following workshop:

‘Maternal and Infant Health and Nutrition in Indonesia: An interdisciplinary workshop exploring opportunities and challenges for collaborative research, policy and practice development’


Padang, Indonesia, 28 August – 1 September 2016

The Workshop is jointly coordinated by the Centre for Health and Social Care Research at Sheffield Hallam University and the Faculty of Public Health at Andalas University in Indonesia.

Information for the Workshop:

The health of women and children is fundamental to any country especially Indonesia where women are major workforce. A five day workshop is being held on “Maternal and Infant Health and Nutrition”, which is aimed to outline the current situation regarding maternal and child nutritional health research, policy and programmes; identify gaps and priority areas and establish collaborative research projects. These are focused on interventional initiatives addressing challenges related to maternal and infant health and nutrition in Indonesia with discussion of ways in which these issues could be improved. It is also intended to identify stakeholders from various sectors and map their roles in contributing to achieve policy enhancement.

The plan is to bring together early career researchers, experts and stakeholders in a five day workshop to share their knowledge and experiences in this priority area with the aim of improving maternal and infant health. Translational research and evidence implementation, policy and practice development will be on the agenda.  How Indonesia compares to the first 1000 days initiatives and the extent to which the goals are being achieved will then be examined in the context of current research from Indonesia, the UK and also from a global perspective. A significant part of the workshop will focus on exploring possible ways forward after reflecting on the existing research, local policies and practice. These will include developing knowledge transfer and educational programmes for practitioners and research workforce and establishing collaborative links to enhance capacity, with a focus on vulnerable groups of Indonesian population, particularly mothers and babies. This is to optimise opportunities for research collaborations in order to improve nutritional health of women and children and reduce maternal and infant mortality and morbidity in the next 10 years.

The workshop will adopt an interdisciplinary approach to improving maternal and infant nutritional health.

Maternal and Infant Health and Nutrition in Indonesia Workshop



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