Can your phone make you happier?

Would you use apps and social media groups to get help when you are feeling down or anxious? Would you recommend your friends to do so? Many young people nowadays resort to digital resources when they are not feeling okay.

In collaboration with Sangath and My Mind Our Humanity, BeGOOD is holding a public engagement workshop at The Humming Tree in Bangalore, India, on 4th December 2018 (2-4pm) for young people aged 18 to 24 years.

In the workshop, participants will try out innovative mental health digital tools and discuss their views about digital platforms providing mental health support to young people.

Sign up using our online registration form. Registration is free and we will provide participants with a local travel allowance (within Bangalore).

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BeGOOD is an umbrella project, comprised of distinct but overlapping studies, focusing on the ethical, societal and scientific dimensions of the early intervention paradigm where it intersects with psychiatry, mental health and child development.